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Custom Batteries

Firstly we¡¯d like to make it clear that a ¡°battery¡± and a ¡°cell¡± are totally different from each other. People are always using ¡°batteries¡± but they are not always using ¡°cells¡±. And Intelligent and Green Battery Systems Co., Ltd. is a professional battery pack designer and manufacturer (It is not a cell manufacturer).
Generally speaking a battery is much more complicated than a cell. Let¡¯s take a Lithium battery for example. Definitely it should contain at least one Li-ion or Li-polymer cell. But beside this cell a PCB (Protection Circuit Board) is also needed. And in some cases our customers have some more requirements, such as a proper package, a specified connector, a given size, etc. All these requirements can make the process of choosing a proper battery supplier a hard task (until you find us.J).
And we promise you that you could find the best battery systems with our help as we are not only good at the understanding of different cell models¡¯ performances but also good at the battery pack¡¯s structure design and electrical performance design.
With our help the whole process of getting a ¡°perfect battery¡± became enjoyable and swift.
So please don¡¯t be hesitating any more. Just contact us and let us solve all your battery related problems!

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